Mon Jun 6th 2016 21:25:07: Isofix in a Mk3 Ford Mondeo

At face value the Mk3 Ford Mondeo does not "have" Isofix. But that is not true!

It turns out the Isofix loops are part of the rear seats, but they are covered by the fabric. If you feel along the underside of the seat back you will feel the loops. All you need is a sharp knife to cut the stitching of the fabric in the right places and push the padding and fabric upwards and the isofix loops will pop out. You can then (with a little faff due to the fabric getting in the way) click an Isofix base in place.

One bog standard Mk3 Mondeo:

Cut the stitching and lift, and here is an Isofix loop (passenger side, near the door):

and the other (passenger side just to the door side of the seat belt socket):

Isofix base safely installed!


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